FiveM Diving & Loot

10.00 EUR


FiveM Diving & Loot Script

Dive into an underwater adventure with a sleek diving suit and discover loot chests. Follow hints to find hidden treasures at 145+ unique locations. Customize oxygen levels, new loot chests, items to make sure your needs are met. Enjoy a challenging mini-game by Overextended and get ready for an epic underwater journey!


  • Diving:
    • use an item to put on a diving suit
    • customize the amount of oxigen
    • remove the suit and keep the item until the bottle of oxigen is empty
    • diving suit can be used on every clothing
  • Loot chests:
    • 145+ pre-configured locations for loot chests
    • add an infinte amount of chests locations
    • randomized offest to change the location of a chest (at every start of the script)
    • hints to increase the chance of finding a chest
    • minigame by overextened while looting to ensure a better user experience
    • randomized loot
  • Items:
    • item drops are created when the player inventory is full
    • randomized amount of given items per loot
    • add an infinite amount of items
  • Misc:
    • supoorts every framework (tested with ox and ESX)
    • synced across the board
    • optimized
  • Dependencies: