Nitro/Nos Script

12.00 EUR


FiveM Nitro/Nos Script

The Nitro/Nos script enables the installation of an external nitro bottle on the vehicle. It provides an instant performance boost with the press of a button. A display shows the available nitro level, allowing the driver to plan its usage. The script saves the nitro settings to prevent any loss of capacity in case of a restart. Overall, the Nitro/Nos script offers an exciting way to temporarily enhance the vehicle's power while ensuring user-friendliness and safety measures.


  • Interactive & Immersive:
    • use items to mount a Nitro/Nos bottle
    • manage your usage to ensure the best performance
    • refill your bottle when needed
  • Synchronized and Optimized:
    • have an immersive experience with all your players
    • optimized state management
    • nitro states are preserved even after a resource restart
  • Advanced ptfx and visual effects:
    • choose between multiple backfire ptfx
    • enable disable purging
    • usage of native progress bars 
  • Configuration:
    • highly configurable
    • adapt to every framework
    • complete docs to ensure the best experience while configuration process
  • Requirements:
    • none

Tested with ESX Legacy & ox Inventory