Busdriver Job

10.00 EUR


FiveM Advanced Busdriver Job

The FiveM Busdriver job provides a realistic and fun bus driving experience while maintaining an easy and fast configuration.


  • Bus lines:
    • add an infinite amount of bus lines through a simple configuration process
    • lines can have as many stops as you want
    • every stop has an NPC event
    • set a time within wich the player should finish the line
    • use differen bus models for different lines
  • Passanger satisfaction:
    • the payout is bounded to the passanger satisfaction level
    • crashes and delay will decrease the satisfaction level
  • Information UI:
    • a beautifull UI shows every needed information about the current route 
    • can be customized 
  • NPC Events:
    • NPC's are part of the routes but will not interfear with players
    • the events are secured to ensure a flawless experience 
  • Other:
    • Live radar -> a delayed live position of the bus wich can be enabled/disabled in the config file
    • exploits prevention 
    • optimized performance (0.00ms - idle / ~0.05ms while active)